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Stacks and the City

Aug 8, 2018

Hello my CEOs! Today’s CEO Spotlight features a Naseema McElroy, a delivery nurse who managed to pay off shy of ONE MILLIONS DOLLARS of debt in under TWO YEARS! Her feat allowed her to become one step closer to financial independence and inspired her to start Financially Intentional, a brand dedicated to helping other women get out of debt and live a financially stress-free life. Below are some key takeaways from the show:

Taking Control:
Naseema decided that she told bill collectors, students loans, and car notes how she planned to spend HER money- not the other ways around.

Dave Ramsey:
Naseema credits a huge reason for her accomplishment to finance guru Dave Ramsey. His podcast and ‘Baby Steps’ program changed her mindset to getting her money right. Check out Dave Ramsey's website for his money saving tips!

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone:
Naseema said that making herself uncomfortable was an extremely important part of her journey to financial freedom. Doing some aspects of her life differently helped her in the long run. Sometimes your comfort zone isn’t the best for you- but it is the life you’re accustomed to living.  

Many many special thanks to Naseema for sharing such a powerful and touching story. Take a look at Financially Intentional and follow Naseema @financiallyintentional and get your coins on track. YOU CAN DO IT.


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